employee activities

"love life, love fish gourmet" is the common language of uniluxu’s employees. diversified sports, lilerature and art activities enable employees to enhance communication, eliminate barriers, and trust each other in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. meantime, employees are able to broader their hosizons and think deeper by "walking out of office". --by joe, the ceo of uniluxu

ball games

basketball, table tennis, badminton and billiards are permanent sports activities favored by employees. “ when we move, we cheer up and finally the corporate starts alive ” , joe said when we set up the teams of basketball, tennis, badminton. from the laughter in employees' faces, they found the fun of life beyond workplace.


moutain cycling

mout-climbing is an indispensable outdoor sport for uniluxu people. the mount-climbing team was officially established in june 2022. so far, they have challenged and traveled most of the mountains both tough and easy ones in guangdong province. “from both physical strength and perseverance point of view, every time we conquer our feet and surpass our last record ”, said by zhu, the leader of the team.

outdoor cycling is also one of the most challenged sport activities favored by people in uniluxu. “ we express our characteristics while feeling the beauty of nature. the breeze is blowing and we ride smartly ”.

celebrating traditional festivals together

the habit of celebrating traditional festivals together such as mid-autumn festival and year-end party in uniluxu has gradually become part of uniluxu culture. every mid-autumn festival, employees gather together, appreciate the moon, taste moon cakes, and share dinners together.“we appreciate and cherish such good time and feel the care and warmth of the uniluxu family ”,one of the employees said.

 literature and art activities

in addition to regular sports activities, the permanent literature and art activities include reading activities, business etiquette, dancing, singing, knowledge contests, debate contests, photography, employee parent-child activities, etc. “ here, everyone brainstorms and showcases their talents ”, said by wendy, the administrative director.