corporate culture 

being positive and striving for excellence 


our mission

providing fish gourmets to customers while contributing business opportuinities to fish food catering industry

our vision

making social commitment through our professional fish business expertise and expericence hundred years

core values

user orientation and innovation for social good

history of uniluxu

we began our journey since 1991!


  • 2022

    · dedecated in our fish business and developed our fish finger and orange fish nugget, which gradually became a new category in the industry.

  • 2021

    · as the pioneer of super tilapia roll and fish curd, cctv discovery channel 《hometown taste》did a special report on them.

  • 2019

    · developed the industry's first boneless , thornless and white like snow super tilapia roll, which is widely served in hot pot and cooking.

  • 2016

    · developed the first fish curd (hollow fish toufu) in the industry , a surimi product which is with similar shape of chinese toufu.

  • 2011

    · produced the first curry fish ball in the industry, which now is everywhere in convenience stores, milk tea and dessert shops.

  • 2007

    · the first company nationwide to export channel catfish products to the united states

  • 1999

    · the country's first frog processor and exporter

  • 1994

    · the first chinese manufacturer to export tilapia fillets to the united states, setting an industry benchmark for tilapia fillet global processing standards

  • 1993

    · the first exporter of roasted eel with whole industry chain processing 

  • 1991

    · the first value-added thrimp product processor in china